Angelo Lollino

Angelo Lollino was born and raised to make amazing coffee, award-winning gelato and great Italian food.

He grew up in Chicago in an Italian family that owned and operated Ristorante Italia for nearly 30 years. Angelo’s father was also a master coffee roaster, and one of the first to introduce espresso coffee in the U.S. through his wholesale coffee company and cafes that also served house-made artisan gelato and Sorbetto.

Angelo Lollino

As a teenager, Angelo was mastering the details of managing his family’s restaurant while roasting fresh coffee and creating gelatos. To perfect his gelato-making craft, he attended Prodotti Stella Corsi di Gelato in Italy.

The lessons Angelo learned back then continue to influence his work now. For example, when it comes to making gelato, he always uses the highest-quality ingredients and makes each flavor from scratch, fresh every day. And, when it comes to coffees and espressos, Angelo believes in sourcing the finest raw coffee beans from around the world, and roasts them in small batches to ensure a consistently full-flavored and well-rounded taste.

In the ‘90s, Angelo began leading new business ventures. He founded Fratelli Lollino Inc., a specialty coffee roaster that later became Fratelli Coffee Company. Angelo and his wife Giovanna also founded Massa Cafe Italiano, which features popular menu items that have been highlighted by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine and Food Network Channel, to name a few.

In 2008, Angelo partnered with the President and CEO of Roundy’s Supermarkets, Robert Mariano, to create Vero Coffee & Gelato. The two have made their mark across the greater Chicago area, opening more than 40 Vero Coffee & Gelato locations inside Mariano’s grocery stores. 

In addition, Angelo founded Alamode Foods Inc., a food service manufacturer of gelatos, sorbetto, Specialty coffee roasting, and other fine specialty foods.

Over the course of his 30-plus years of management-level food service and culinary experience, Angelo has garnered many accolades for his work and kitchen creations. In 2016, Angelo’s “Chicago Pot Hole” gelato flavor was ranked number one in America and second-best in the Americas at the Gelato World Tour's qualifying rounds.

The ranking secured him an invite to the Gelato World Tour grand finale in Italy, where he was one of only 36 gelato artisans from around the globe competing for the official title of “World’s Best Gelato.” At the event, Angelo’s “Cocco Sogno” gelato flavor earned special recognition as the technical jury choice.

Angelo and his wife have three children, all in their 20’s. He lives in Elmwood Park and plays an active role in the community, serving in his fifth-year in the public service sector as an elected Trustee in the Village of Elmwood Park.